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If you feel like you’re drowning in tech and lacking solid processes to support your business, you’re in the right place. Declutter Your Business is a tool to audit your online business systems including your digital marketing, sales processes, client delivery and experience, and internal operational systems. Optimizing your processes and systems is key to achieving long-term success and profitability. That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive tool.

I have 13 years of experience helping online coaching and course businesses to identify areas for improvement, streamline their operations, and elevate their customer experience. With the Declutter Your Business tool, you’ll have all of your business resources and quick links organized at your fingertips.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, buy your time back, or improve your online presence, Declutter Your Business can help.

Ashley Ludlow

Founder/CEO, Solmiga

Online Business Strategist & Tech Consultant

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Gain clarity and insights

Gain a clear understanding of your current processes and systems, as well as insights into areas where you can improve and optimize.


Increase efficiency

Streamline your processes and systems, save time and resources, and operate your business more efficiently.


Enhance customer experience

Optimizing your delivery and customer experience processes, provide a more seamless, personalized experience for your customers, and increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

What’s Included:

Declutter Your Business - Get Out of the Weeds & Get Back to Doing What You Love

Within the Declutter Your Business tool, you’ll have instant access to:

Marketing Systems Suite

The Marketing Systems Suite

Includes audit tools and SOPs for: 

  • Branding & Online Presence
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Client Attraction Systems
  • Audience Connection & Engagement
  • Marketing Metrics Analysis & Optimization

$499 value

AND coming soon to the tool:

Successful Sales Strategies

Successful Sales Strategies

Includes audit tools and SOPs for: 

  • Sales Call Systems
  • Offers & Pricing
  • Launch Planning
  • Funnel Building & Integration
  • Sales Metrics Analysis & Optimization

$499 value

client delivery and experience

Client Delivery & Experience

Includes audit tools and SOPs for:

  • Product Development & Delivery for
    • Online Courses
    • Digital Products
    • Masterclasses & Workshops
    • Group Programs
    • Memberships
    • Individual Coaching Packages
    • Hybrid Programs
  • Client Experience Management including
    • Onboarding
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Customer Support
    • Gathering Feedback
    • Retention
    • Offboarding

$499 value

internal administrative systems

Internal Administrative Systems

Includes audit tools and SOPs for

  • Tech Stack & Subscriptions
  • Inbox Management
  • File Organization & Backups
  • Reviewing Contracts
  • Team & Hiring
  • Calendar & Booking
  • Time Management
  • Annual & Quarterly Reviews
  • Improving Quality of Life
  • and more…

$499 value



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What Past Clients Have Said

“Ashley has been so great to work with! A mutual friend introduced us because I was feeling overwhelmed by the technology (or lack thereof) in my small business. When we met, she was on time, made the most of every minute by asking thoughtful questions, and posed follow-up questions to be sure her understanding of my expectations were clear. I felt heard and understood.”

Lori Bulloch

“Ashley is a lifesaver! I did something to my website and it went crazy. Ashley calmly walked me through the steps to repair the mistake and showed me how to find solutions in the future. She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. I loved working with her!”

Sheila Hupp

“Working with Ashley was so easy and fun. I enjoyed her process of creating and how she walked me through everything. This experience has boosted my desire to take my biz to the next level.”

Cari Sans

Relationship Coach & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“I cannot thank you enough for all the time, effort and your natural talent I got to witness. Super light and free from the tech purge!!!”

Jenny Severson

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